Lisa Raymond joined Toastmasters seven years ago and has been actively involved in District 3 leadership service for six of those years! Lisa’s first district activity was attending Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) and she’s now come full circle in her present role as this year’s TLI chair. Listen as Lisa talks about learning, leadership, and personal development in Toastmasters and offers some great advice to new members. (Recorded October 16, 2021)

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Sara Mayer is a charter member of Junior League of Phoenix Toastmasters and a goal setting and time management expert. Active in Toastmasters leadership, Sara is the 2021-2022 Contest Chair and member of the District 3 Speakers Bureau. In this episode Sara shares her passion for Junior League, Toastmasters, and helping people and organizations become more productive. To contact Sara, visit (Recorded October 7, 2021)

Our guest is Distinguished Toastmaster and Past District Director, Peter Salazar. During his stint in the United States Marine Corps, Peter learned that his communications skills needed work and was told he should join Toastmasters. Years later, Peter acted on that advice and joined Tempe Toastmasters. Listen as Peter outlines his Toastmasters journey and his enthusiastic involvement in district leadership, contests, and the Speakers Bureau. (Recorded October 5, 2021)

Originally from Korea, Su Fong is an experienced educator who joined Airpark Toastmasters to improve her adopted second language - English. In just a few years at Airpark, Su has became a confident speaker and inspiring leader within her club and a member of the District 3 Speakers Bureau. She wants everyone to know that Toastmasters is the best professional development she's ever had! (Recorded September 24, 2021)

Serban Morea joined Toastmasters because he was afraid to speak in public. However, after just one speech, he quit, unable to conquer his fear. Fortunately for all of us, Serban gave Toastmasters another chance, this time with a new attitude and a determination to succeed. And succeed he did! (Recorded September 18, 2021)

Dr. Steve Broe has been active in Toastmasters for thirty-one years and is an author, college instructor, and amateur musician. In this episode Steve shares his philosophy of learning and explains why he's stayed in Toastmasters for over three decades. (Recorded September 10, 2021)

Antonio Valles shares lessons from his twenty-six years as a Toastmaster member, including his love of speech contests, his role as a speech coach, and his current involvement in the District 3 Speakers Bureau. Tony’s advice to beginners and veterans alike? Be proactive! (Recorded September 1, 2021)

Meet Lauren Riley, member of Old Town Toastmasters in Scottsdale, Arizona, District 3 Area Director, and member of the District Speakers Bureau. Lauren joined Toastmasters to gain the skills necessary to deliver an important message about perseverance in the face of obstacles. Lauren works everyday to overcome the effects of cerebral palsy and strives to become a professional speaker, encouraging people to reach for their goals and not take “no” for an answer! (Recorded August 19, 2021)

Grand Canyon Echoes welcomes Karen Hewitt, DTM, the 2021-2022 District 3 Program Quality Director. In this episode, Karen explains her current role in the district, her involvement with the District Speakers Bureau, and the reasons she joined Walkie Talkies and S.L.E.E.K Toastmasters. Karen is passionate about mentoring and leverages her Toastmasters skills to reach audiences with her compelling story of adversity and triumph. [Recorded August 17, 2021]

Our guest is Randy Casarez, an eleven-year Toastmaster from Tucson. Randy is an active member in multiple clubs and organizer of the upcoming district-sponsored Impact Events. He likes participating in speech contests and recently joined the District 3 Speakers Bureau to receive expert advice and tips that enhance his presentations. Randy advises all members to keep speaking, keep learning, and keep improving your skill set [Recorded August 15, 2021]

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