When he joined Toastmasters, Steve Enteman just wanted to improve his speaking skills, but he soon learned he had a talent for winning speech contests. Listen as Steve recounts his most recent contest experience and the people in his club who helped get him started. (Recorded October 15, 2019) 

Michele and Mark share their experiences with the annual Melrose Toastmasters musical meeting held in June. With musical examples, they demonstrate what Melrose members and guests can look forward to every year. (Recorded October 13, 2019)

When Nancy Starr-Cassidy went to work at Salt River Project in the 90s, she had no idea what was in store for her. Listen as Nancy shares about her start in Toastmasters, the people who believed in her, and some of her many accomplishments along the way. (Recorded October 2, 2019) 

In Part I (Episode 7), Tim & Rose Swearingen shared about the early years of their Toastmasters story. In Part II, we continue that conversation to learn about their experiences as up-and-coming leaders in District 3 and the many people who contributed to their successful years as District Governors. (Recorded May 20, 2019)

Brenda Smull, DTM, PRA interviews Don Griffith, the organizer and founder of the District 3 podcast, Grand Canyon Echoes. After this session was recorded, eight additional episodes have been added to the podcast library and more are on the way. To volunteer to be on the podcast or to suggest topics, contact Don Griffith at podcast@aztoastmsters.org. To access all episodes, visit GrandCanyonEchoes.podbean.com or look for us in iTunes, Google Play, and other podcast libraries. (Recorded June 23, 2019)

Don Ratliff is a Distinguished Toastmaster and role model to members in his clubs and beyond. It wasn’t always this way. Don grew up believing he was incapable of speaking well. Then something happened, something that inspired him to change his outlook and take action to improve himself. Listen as Don shares about his early challenges and the many inspirations he’s received since joining Toastmasters. (Recorded Sep 4, 2019)

Jim Sultan, DTM, PID is new to Arizona but not new to Toastmasters. Already an experienced speaker in 2002, he joined Toastmasters on the ‘strong’ recommendation of his boss and quickly realized he had a lot to learn. Listen as Jim shares his experiences on the International Board of Directors and outlines the many leadership opportunities available to Toastmaster members. (Recorded August 30, 2019)

The podcast traveled south to the "Old Pueblo” to meet Kathleen Pickrel, an eight-year Toastmaster and former fearful speaker. Kathleen shares how she mustered the courage to join Toastmasters and how she can look back now and say, “I don’t even recognize the person I was when I started.” To help others reach their goals, Kathleen has authored a book, “It is What it is...Now What: A Guide to Get You From Where You Are to WHO You Want to Be,” set to be published this Fall. To learn more about Kathleen, visit her website http://choosecongruency.com/ (Recorded July 29, 2019) 

Shelley is an active and enthusiastic Toastmaster in District 3. Listen as Shelley shares about her Toastmasters experiences and the skills she's attained over the last eight years. We hope Shelley's story will encourage you to Join Toastmasters, and if you are already a member, we hope her story inspires you to move up to your next leadership opportunity. (Recorded July 26, 2019)

This episode is dedicated to our non-Toastmasters listeners and current members who might be thinking about leaving. Tudor's introduction to Toastmasters was unusual and it took a while for him to appreciate the value of being a member, but today he's glad he joined. We hope his story will encourage you to join and stay in Toastmasters. (Recorded July 31, 2019)

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